Sunday, May 12, 2013

1959 Topps #435 - Frank Robinson

An excellent member of The Gem Mint Vintage All Stars. Frank Robinson is an all time great. Triple Crown, MVP in both leagues, 500 home run club, first African American manager in the majors, and a hundred other accolades. And the '59 Topps set is really special, giving you a through-the-camera look of the players on the field. This card is so nice when in good condition, that I would never consider obtaining one. But the version I have is much better. Look at the way the rounded corners compliment the circular picture. See how the top creases give the illusion that Frank's name is bashing through your lens. Marvel at the faded borders telling you that we're about to play a rough, dirty, game of MEN, and you're about to get lit up by one Frank Robinson. A superb example of the Red Cardboard Gem Mint Vintage All Stars.

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