Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1964 Topps #260 - Frank Robinson

1964 was one of Topps' best years, I think. The design was simple, the photos weren't terribly interesting, but somehow it just resonates with me. I think I'm biased, though, because I have a fond memory of my grandpa trading a set of used tires to someone at a flea market for a dinged up '64 Mickey Mantle and giving it to me for Christmas. That was pretty dang epic.

Here we have a Gem Mint All Star from that year of Triple Crown winning, 2-time MVP, Rookie of the Year, Gold Glove Winning, 12-time All Star, World Series MVP, Hall of Famer Frank Robinson. Is that a monster crease down the center or a thunderous bolt of lightning bursting through the card? The gods could not handle such hitting skill emanating from a mere mortal and it broke the barrier between man and the heavens. Or maybe it's just a big ol' crease. Now, why is there a '5' drawn on his sleeve? This is a mystery best left to philosophizing scholars. Great card.

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