Monday, May 6, 2013

Columbus, Ohio Vet Show - Part 2 of 4 - George Kenneth Griffey, Junior

Back for Part 2 of the epic conquest that was the Vet Show. One dealer had layers upon layers of dime and quarter boxes. His tables are always packed and always bustling with hunters. One particular dime box was all Reds. Usually these are packed with 80s and 90s commons with a few Larkins interspersed. Oooh not this one. I found more than NINETY different Griffeys in the box. NINETY! Do I even bother checking to see which ones I have? Of course not. Snag em all. Let's get rollin'. I'll keep it as brief as I can...

Three chromies to add to the binder. Sweet. The Topps Gold Label is looking nice. Look closely at the 2002 Topps on the botton to see it's from the Limited Edition Factory Set. The T206 in the middle is a looker. And the MLB Showdown bottom right has a shiny coating, completely dissuading anyone from actually playing the card game.Oh and how bout a Topps Finest? Don't mind if I do.

Best of Fan Club parallel on the right looks good. As does the Donruss Classic bottom left.

2002 Upper Deck Griffey Gallery subset. I had half of these. Now I have all of them. Sweet.

The All-UD on the right I didn't even have loaded up in my needs. Good thing I found it, lest it go unclaimed. The Sweet Spot in the bottom right just doesn't do it for me. Most other years of SS have been great. The baby blue sky is kind of lame.

Honor Rolls are good lookin'. The Topps Ten in the middle of the top row WOULD be a nice photo, but there's a huge '2' bothering me.

I really like the Fleer Tradition in the middle right. I love that set.

Black border UD MVP is solid. So is the UD Artifacts bottom right.

The Crown Die Cuts are some of the few Pacifics I like. Even though they are gaudy and hideous.

The green card on the right was released exclusively to Holiday Inns. I think it is similar to a Sweet Spot design around that time. And the 1989 throw back is nice to see with Griffey in a Reds uni.

Nice cameo by Elmer Dessens over there. The Stadium Club on the bottom left is fantastic. Really fantastic.

And the last bundle of the haul. Fleer Genuine up top is good. The Baseball Heroes is great, but I really love that set. And the ivy in the background of the Triple Crown makes me think of the Reds recent sweep at Wrigley. So I love it.

Dang. That is overwhelming Griffeyness. turns out I already had 40 or so of these. But that means I nabbed 50 brand new Griffeys. Unbelievable. 

So I have 40+ excess Griffeys lying around. They could definitely use a home...

Back tomorrow with the Larkins. Go Reds.


  1. I would have gone buckwild on that box, sir.

    I want to party with your excess Griffeys....

    1. i had a feeling i'd here from ya on this one

  2. When was that Upper Deck throwback Griffey released?

    1. it's from the 2002 UD Authentics set