Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Columbus, Ohio Vet Show - Part 3 of 4 - Barry

Alrighty, Part 3. We're just on a rampage, eh? In the same dime box as all those Griffeys was a healthy amount of Larkins. Let's get it to it...

Donruss Signature Series top left and Best of Fan Club top right look real nice in the albums. Donruss made some good sets. They used the color red a lot. Fits nice with, well, you know, the Reds.

The 2002 Fleer middle right is a Gold Back parallel. I'd never seen one of these, so I didn't know what the deal was. Apparently the text is changed from black to gold. Whoopee. Not even worth a scan. Reminds me of the 2007 Topps Red Backs. Not interesting. Good photo on the Fleer Maximum middle left, but a poor card design. Fleer Genuine with the shiny black border stands out to me in this pile.

Pacific Crown die cuts I mentioned yesterday I like. The Fleer Legacy top left is a nice minimal design. And to those who've never seen/used a running harness like that, the Pinnacle Summit may be a touch baffling.

The Pacific bottom left is a Blue Parallel, which actually looks more dull than the base. The Pinnacle design middle bottom was by far the brand's best before they faded away into the night. Alright, one more batch...
2000 Topps Opening Day is a great photo. No shortage on photos of Larkin turning two, fo' sho'.

Nice little pile here. Turns out I had most of these already. No prob. The count is up to 587. Not too bad. Check back tomorrow for Part 4 - The Best of the Rest, wrapping up and officially putting the Vet Show behind me. Go Reds.

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