Monday, March 31, 2014


Oh. Yeah. Some of you may remember The Red Cardboard Ridiculous Cardboard Tournament. Six wonderful months of whittling down 512 excellent pieces of Red cardboard to one grand champion. Well I'm back, with a much less intense tournament this time. Presenting...

The Red Cardboard Ugliest Card Ugstravaganza

Woot. This time, I'm trying to find the ugliest Reds card in my collection. All sorts of wonderful cards get showcased on all of our blogs. It's time to recognize the hideous. The grotesque. The plain old ugly. You'll find 90's inserts, disembodied heads, disinterested mugshots, and the 1980's. Here are my selection rules:

1. Reds only. Not even multi-team-including-a-Red ugliness. There shall be just Reds ugly.
2. Do not confuse nostalgia with non-ugliness. I love those gaudy 90's inserts as much as you do. I was a 90's child. But man are some of them ugly.
3. Do not confuse boring with ugly (hello, early 80's Fleer)
4. Upon viewing, I must have said "Ew." Or "Ugh." Or any variant thereof. 

Unfortunately, some of the ugliness was too ugly for my scanner, due to glare. Good thinking, if you're ugly, to sabotage the machinery.

I will most definitely be offending some of you with my choices. I am eager to hear about it in the comments.

Tourney setup:

Opening Round: 10 rounds of 10 ugly cards each. Vote for 5. Top 6 move on.
Brackets: Seed the 60 "victors" of the Opening Round into a classic single elimination bracket, with the top 4 vote-getters receiving a bye.

The first round of voting is up now. Here are your first 10 candidates, selected randomly.

Voting ends Friday at noon eastern.

 Card #1 - 1990 Donruss Scott Scudder

Card #2 - 1996 Metal Reggie Sanders
Card #3 - 1984 Ralston Purina Dave Concepcion

Card #4 - 1994 Bowman's Best Tim Belk

Card #5 - 2005 Donruss Zenith Z-Bats Adam Dunn

Card #6 - 2003 Upper Deck Vintage Reds Team Lineup

Card #7 - 1993 Score Bip Roberts Season Highlight

Card #8 - 1988 Fleer Baseball All Stars John Franco

Card #9 - 2005 Bowman Heritage Mahogany Felipe Lopez

Card #10 - 1996 Stadium Club Midsummer Matchups Ron Gant

Go Reds.