Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Double Trade Post? Double Trade Post.

I have been very lackadaisical with my posts lately. Silly real world, always getting in the way of my precious, precious cards. Here be a couple generous packages sent to me in response to the 'Take My Cards' plea.

First up is Chris over at Old Foul Cardboard. Go there. This moment. Then come back.

2011 Opening Day Stars Joey Votto. There needs to be a scanner that can pick up these Sportflics-esque cards. Any EE's out there, get on it.


More Votto is good Votto.

I'm dangerously close to finishing the Electric Diamond sets from back in the day.

A few more goodies. Excellent. I love Bowman Platinum.

A couple welcome stickers to be slapped on the ol' binders.

Ummm... A luggage tag, I guess? You know what? Sweet. This slides nicely into a card page, though 25% sticks out the top. It's the '89 Bowman of luggage tags. This is precisely what the 'miscellaneous' binder is for.

Many thanks, OFC!
Next is commenter John Hazen. If you have a blog, lemme know and I'll plug it, John.

1994 Score Gold Stars Larkin. There are just an endless amount of 90's Larkin inserts, aren't there? Fine by me.

 More Barry. The Score parallel was much needed.

 DAT HAIR. This will rest nicely next to the base.

The last regular Topps of Johnny. Shed a manly tear.

 A new Griffey. Oh. Yes.

And a generous pile of more goodies.

Many thanks, John!

Such stand-up gentlemen, these two. Go Reds.

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  1. A year or so ago , Klye ( my son ) received a mailing for a fan pack which is where the luggage tag came from.Thanks for the Rangers and Twins.