Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cameo Week - Day 7

It's Cameo Week here at Red Cardboard. For the sake of these posts, a cameo is any uncredited appearance on a card, no matter how minor. It could be some poor bastard sliding out of frame, some dude hanging out in the background, a celebratory high five, a posed shot, whatever. I think we all have the same definition.

The plan will be the following seven posts, in some order: All Stars, NL East, NL Central, NL West, AL, and two Reds-only posts.

Today will be the NL Central, the biggest one of the bunch. The Astros still count here, by the way. It's silly they left.

Hopefully I didn't screw any of these up. Let's ride. 

Day 1 - All Stars can be found here.   
Day 5 - AL can be found here.
Day 6 - Reds Part 2 can be found here.

Pittsburgh Pirates
2001 Stadium Club Aaron Boone ft. John Vander Wal

2010 Topps Alex Gonzalez ft. Nate McLouth

2003 Stadium Club Adam Dunn ft. Jason Kendall

2001 Stadium Club Pokey Reese ft. Jason Kendall

1994 Score Jeff Branson ft. Ben Shelton

2004 Donruss Team Heroes D'Angelo Jimenez ft. Reggie Sanders

1987 Topps Ron Oester ft. Mike Brown

Houston Astros
1995 Score Bret Boone ft. Kevin Bass

1997 Stadium Club Barry Larkin ft. Tyler Houston

2008 Upper Deck Documentary Brandon Phillips ft. Darin Erstad

2009 Upper Deck Brandon Phillips ft. Darin Erstad

1997 Pacific Pokey Reese ft. Bead Ausmas

1997 Stadium Club Eric Davis ft. Sean Berry

Milwaukee Brewers


Chicago Cubs

2000 Stadium Club Pokey Reese ft. Johnny Damon

1997 Topps Barry Larkin ft. Rey Sanchez

1994 Donruss Barry Larkin ft. Rey Sanchez
1997 Collector's Choice Ed Taubensee ft. Luis Gonzalez

1997 Donruss Bret Boone ft. Luis Gonzalez

2007 Upper Deck Adam Dunn ft. Henry Blanco

2011 Topps Gold Zack Cozart ft. Rickie Weeks

1997 Collector's Choice Pokey Reese ft. Roberto Petagine

St. Louis Cardinals

1996 Upper Deck Jeff Branson ft. Bernard Gilkey

2008 Stadium Club Joey Votto ft. Carlos Ruiz

1986 Topps Bo Diaz ft. Tom Herr

2012 Topps Cyan Printing Plate Juan Francisco ft. Edwin Jackson.

Go Reds.

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