Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cameo Week - Day 1

It's Cameo Week here at Red Cardboard. For the sake of these posts, a cameo is any uncredited appearance on a card, no matter how minor. It could be some poor bastard sliding out of frame, some dude hanging out in the background, a celebratory high five, a posed shot, whatever. I think we all have the same definition.

The plan will be the following seven posts, in some order: All Stars, NL East, NL Central, NL West, AL, and two Reds-only posts. Today will be All Star cameos. Hopefully I didn't screw any of these up. Let's ride.

2006 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. ft. Willie McCovey

1991 Topps Mariano Duncan ft. Ozzie Smith

1992 Score Bill Doran ft. Ryne Sandberg

1994 Ultra Barry Larkin ft. Barry Bonds

1993 Flair Barry Larkin ft. Barry Bonds

1991 Mariano Duncan ft. Barry Bonds

2013 Topps Devin Mesoraco ft. Alfonso Soriano

2012 Topps Wilson Valdez ft. Curtis Granderson

1986 Fleer Pete Rose ft. Ty Cobb (ok, a bit of a stretch, but he's there)

2013 Topps Brandon Phillips ft. Troy Tulowitzki and J.J. Hardy

1990 Upper Deck Ron Oester ft. Roberto Alomar

2007 Topps Scott Hatteberg ft. Brian McCann

2010 Upper Deck Ryan Hanigan ft. Lance Berkman

1994 Topps Bip Roberts ft. Eddie Murray

1973 Topps Johnny Bench ft. Willie McCovey (yeah, I got that order right, punk. I don't care what the card says)

Go Reds.


  1. Cool theme! I'm looking forward to the rest of Cameo Week!

    I wonder if those Larkin/Bonds cards show the same play...?

    1. i imagine yes. both are fleer and i see no difference in accessories, though baseball players are notorious for being very particular about things like that.

  2. I love cameos. Griffey's got some amazing ones....