Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cameo Week - Day 4

It's Cameo Week here at Red Cardboard. For the sake of these posts, a cameo is any uncredited appearance on a card, no matter how minor. It could be some poor bastard sliding out of frame, some dude hanging out in the background, a celebratory high five, a posed shot, whatever. I think we all have the same definition.

The plan will be the following seven posts, in some order: All Stars, NL East, NL Central, NL West, AL, and two Reds-only posts. Today will be the NL East. Hopefully I didn't screw any of these up. Let's ride.

Atlanta Braves
1993 Stadium Club Bip Roberts ft. Damon Berryhill

1997 Pinnacle Barry Larkin ft. Ryan Klesko

1996 Bowman Barry Larkin ft. Jermaine Dye

1993 Stadium Club Barry Larkin ft. Sid Bream

Philadelphia Phillies
1989 Upper Deck Chris Sabo ft. Luis Aguayo

1992 Score Barry Larkin AS ft. Tom Herr

Florida Marlins
2002 Fleer Barry Larkin ft. John Mabry

1994 Score Reggie Sanders ft. Benito Santiago

Montreal Expos
1987 Topps Dave Concepcion ft. Herm Winningham

New York Mets

1991 Donruss Ron Oester ft. Daryl Boston

1995 Topps D3 Bret Boone ft. Jim Lindeman

1994 Score Traded Eddie Taubensee ft. Shawn Hare

2008 Upper Deck Timeline Joey Votto ft. Ruben Gotay

Go Reds.


  1. Great concept for a post! Nicely done!

    One correction from this Mets fan, though. On the '94 Traded Eddie T., that is Shawn Hare sliding into home, not Lenny.

    1. Ah, many thanks. I had the photo saved as shawn hare (you can see the jpeg title). i dont know what i was thinking.