Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tromped Up Part 2/2

Here's Part 1.

Here be the parallels and autos I snagged during the sale. Also, if you're reading this on Saturday, I am either at or just got back from a big ol' 100 table card show. Be jealous.
2002 Fleer Triple Crown Batting Average Parallel Sean Casey #'d/310. This is an oddity in that each card is serial numbered to the player's previous year's batting average, in this case, .310. It's odd in that the worse you performed, the rarer, thus more valuable, you card is. A Bob Uecker tribute would've only been numbered to 200, for the sake of Pete.

2003 Topps Tribute Contemporary Red Bobby Basham #'d/225. Basham spent 6 years in the minors for Cincy and San Diego, but never made it out of AA. Ah well.

2008 Bowman Sterling Prospect Refractors Chris Valaika #'d/199. 2006-2012 in the Reds farm. 2013 in the Marlins farm. Currently in the Cubs farm. Major league at bats in 2010, 2011, and 2013.

2007 Topps Gold Adam Dunn #'d/2007.
2010 Topps Gold Chris Dickerson #'d/2010
2011 Topps Red Edgar Renteria.

2000 Fleer Showcase Fresh Ink Gookie Dawkins. I have an in-person auto, now, with an official auto, I can close the book on autos from the Gookster.

2009 Upper Deck USA National Team Game Jersey Autographs Josh Fellhauer #'d/225. Began with the Reds farm in 2009, played for our AAA team last year. He'll make it. This is my only card of him, sadly.

2004 Justifiable Autograph Willie Joe Ronda. Actually goes by 'Willy Jo Ronda', he spent three years on the Reds' rookie squad at ages 18-20, then called it a career.

2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Clear path to Greatness Brendan Harris. Played with 6 teams in the majors and currently with a 7th, the Dodgers, for Spring Training. The white space on his photo is clear acetate, which looks pretty nice.

Go Reds.

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