Monday, March 24, 2014

Cameo Week - Day 2

It's Cameo Week here at Red Cardboard. For the sake of these posts, a cameo is any uncredited appearance on a card, no matter how minor. It could be some poor bastard sliding out of frame, some dude hanging out in the background, a celebratory high five, a posed shot, whatever. I think we all have the same definition.
The plan will be the following seven posts, in some order: All Stars, NL East, NL Central, NL West, AL, and two Reds-only posts. Today will be NL West cameos. Hopefully I didn't screw any of these up. Let's ride.
Note: Apparently, in 1994, Barry Larkin and Darren Lewis were best friends.
Colorado Rockies:
2004 Playoff Honors Barry Larkin ft. Jack Cust

1994 Stadium Club Jeff Branson ft. Freddie Benavides

1994 Stadium Club Roberto Kelly ft. Vinny Castilla

1996 Topps Bret Boone ft. Jason Bates

1994 Topps Hal Morris ft. Eric Young

San Diego Padres :
1994 Collector's Choice Barry Larkin ft. Eddie Williams

2001 Ultra Barry Larkin ft. Eric Owens

1991 Fleer Ron Oester ft. Tim Flannery

1985 Fleer Tom Foley ft. Garry Templeton

1994 Score Hal Morris ft. Ricky Gutierrez

1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated World Series Fever Barry Larkin ft. Steve Finley

2013 Brandon Phillips ft. Jason Marquis (almost didn't see him there, nyuk nyuk)

2005 Topps Felipe Lopez ft. Brian Giles

Arizona Diamondbacks:


San Francisco Giants:

1997 Topps Gallery Barry Larkin ft. Jay Canizaro

1994 Stadium Club Jacob Brumfield ft. Kurt Manwaring

1992 Upper Deck Glenn Braggs ft. Kurt Manwaring

1994 Collector's Choice Barry Larkin ft. Darren Lewis

1994 Select Barry Larkin ft. Darren Lewis

1994 Collector's Choice Team Checklist Barry Larkin ft. Darren Lewis

1994 Upper Deck Barry Larkin ft. Darren Lewis

2010 Upper Deck Brandon Phillips ft. Fred Lewis

1995 Donruss Barry Larkin ft. John Patterson

1995 Leaf Great Gloves Barry Larkin ft. John Patterson

Los Angeles Dodgers:

1992 Donruss Hal Morris ft. Kevin Gross

1992 Topps Bill Doran ft. Lenny Harris

Go Reds.

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