Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RRRRRRReally Big Show - Part 1/3

Quarterly 100-table show was this past Saturday. A few regular sellers weren't there, and this show is slowly being taken over by hobby-box guys, at the expense of the dime-box guys, which is no good. I'm wary. BUT, despite this not being my greatest haul, I found plenty of niceties worthy of ye olde blog. Today will be 1970's goodness.

1977 Pepsi Glove Discs Pete Rose. Excellent card(?). The disc is heartily in place inside the glove. I have the Ken Griffey Glove Disc and the disc is hanging by a thread. It's interesting that back in the day, you had to airbrush the team logo, but you could still include the team name. Lately, unlicensed brands use 'Cincinnati Ball Club', 'Cincinnati, National', or some such. Also, you'll notice no attempt on Pepsi's part of cutting off part of the helmet to obscure the fact that it's brushed. Just, BOOM, here's a plain red helmet.

1977 Pepsi Glove Discs Johnny Bench. Another! Excellent. I like a card with 'FREE' printed on it in huge letters.

1969 Topps Bill Short
1970 Topps Gary Nolan
1971 Topps World Series Game 3

The Short and Nolan are TTM replacements for the binders. The '71, while technically not a Reds card, I feel the need to have since it's a subset honoring a World Series the Reds were in. Same goes for the 1962 Topps World Series subset.

1975 Topps MINIS. Oh yes. One dude had about 60% of the complete set in his rows of vintage commons. I took every Red he had, accidentally buying two I already had. I'm sitting now at 18/33 for the Reds set. I'd like to complete this, but I don't foresee springing for the Bench and Rose cards anytime soon.

Part 2 tomorrow. Go Reds.


  1. It's hard to go wrong with minis, and those Pepsi Discs are awesome!

  2. Great pick ups. I love the Pepsi Discs and Gloves, I have a Reggie Jackson in my collection that I just ran across unpacking a box last night. Great items but a little tough to store.

    1. Hey Adam, did you know that Reggie Jackson has 4 color variations in the set? So does Mike Schmidt. I too love the discs.

  3. I love those 70's MSA disc oddballs. Getting the Pepsi discs with the full gloves are great and really hard to store. Nice pick ups.

  4. Hitting a show this weekend . I'll keep an eye out for some reds minis. Which ones do you need

    1. I'm missing these:

      157 Pedro Borbon
      180 Joe Morgan
      211 Reggie Jackson / Pete Rose MVPs 1973
      260 Johnny Bench
      284 Ken Griffey
      320 Pete Rose
      345 Clay Carroll
      369 Merv Rettenmund
      396 Fred Norman
      481 Will McEnaney
      531 Sparky Anderson
      560 Tony Perez
      562 Gary Nolan
      602 John Vukovich
      615 Rookie Pitchers Pat Darcy / Dennis Leonard / Tom Underwood / Hank Webb
      621 Rookie Pitchers John Denny / Rawley Eastwick / Jim Kern / Juan Veintidos
      622 Rookie Outfielders Fred Lynn / Ed Armbrister / Tom Poquette / Terry Whitefield