Thursday, March 6, 2014

One and Done: 2000-04

This is the twelfth part of my running theme, unimaginatively dubbed 'One and Done'. Here, I focus on cards of Reds players who, whether it be their only year in the bigs or their only year with the club, found themselves on the Cincinnati roster for only one season, yet long enough to sneak onto a card donning the Cincinnati red. That was a very convoluted sentence that I am choosing not to edit.

Today we're looking at 2000-2004. There were 14 one-and-doners 2000-2002, then a whopping 22 in 2003-2004. Not sure what happened there. Of these 36, I only have 11. Unacceptable.

Brain L. Hunter. 10 year career with 6 teams. The 2nd Brian Hunter on the Reds (Brian R. Hunter '94-'95).

With the Reds: 2000, 48 PA in 32 games, 9 hits, 5 SB, .225 BA.

Ruben Rivera. 9 year career with 5 teams. Mariano Rivera's cousin.

With the Reds:, 2001, 290 PA in 119 games, 10 HR, 34 RBI, .255 BA.

Shawn Estes. 13 year career with 7 teams. Currently broadcasting for the Giants.

With the Reds: 2002, 28 IP in 6 starts, 17 K's, 1-3 record.

Brian Moehler. 14 year career with 4 teams. Currently a scout for the Red Sox.

With the Reds: 2002, 43.1 IP in 10 games including 9 starts, 18 K's, 2-4 record.

Jose Silva. 7 year career with 3 teams. Played in Mexican Leagues until age 38.

With the Reds: 2002, 23.1 IP in 12 relief appearances, 4.24 ERA, 1-0 record.

Luis Pineda. 2 year career for 2 teams. Traded to the Reds for Dmitri Young.

With the Reds: 2002, 32.1 IP in 24 relief appearances and 2 starts, 31 K's, 4.18 ERA, 1-3 record.

Seth Etherton. 4 year career with 4 teams. Won College World Series with USC.

With the Reds: 2003, 30 IP in 7 starts, 17 K's, 2-4 record.

Josias Manzanillo. 11 year career with 8 teams. Took a line drive to the man-berries from Jim Thome, threw him out, then underwent emergency surgery.

With the Reds: 2003, 10.2 IP in 9 relief appearances, 12 K's, 0-2 record.

Felix Heredia. 10 year career with 6 teams. Currently playing in Mexico.

With the Reds: 2003, 72 IP in 57 relief appearances, 41 K's, 3.00 ERA, 5-2 record.

Cory Lidle. 9 year career with 7 teams. Killed at age 34 in 2006 in a plane crash. Has a twin brother, Kevin, who played in the Minors.

With the Reds: 2004, 149 IP in 24 starts, 93 K's, 5.32 ERA, 7-10 record.

John Vander Wal. 14 year career with 8 teams. Holds a Major League record for 28 pinch hits in a season (1995). Currently a scout for the Padres.

With the Reds: 2004, 51 AB in 42 games, 2 HR, 4 RBI, .118 BA.

Missing from the collection:

Manny Aybar
Mike Bell

Justin Atchley
Robin Jennings
Chris Nichting
Calvin Pickering
Frankie Rodriguez

Carlos Almanzar

Jimmy Anderson
Jeff Austin
John Bale
Mark Budzinski
Jim Chamblee
Scott Randall
Dave Serafini
Dernell Stenson
Eric Valent
Mark Watson

Darren Bragg
Jermaine Clark
Todd Jones
Mike Matthews
Aaron Myette
Juan Padilla
Jesus Sanchez

Go Reds.

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