Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Late to the Platinum Ball

First, go vote in Round 19 of the Tourney.

Second, the other day I was late to the Ginter party. Well I'm even later to the Platinum party. These have been sitting in my scan folder for a while. So it's time to post. I enjoy Bowman Platinum. It gives the illusion of high-end. For someone that doesn't fork over the bucks for high-end, it's the best I can do. Plus, they're soooooo shiiiiiiiney. We were graced with four Redlegs in the base set...

...Tony Cingrani, Joey Votto, Aroldis Chapman, and Johnny Cueto. Not bad. Another RC to write up in the books. Plus, a nice design that the scanner isn't quite doing justice. There were also three aspiring Reds from the Prospects portion of the checklist...

...Billy Hamilton (called up on Monday), Robert Stephenson (Double A), and Daniel Corcino (Triple A). I've always wondered what the criteria are for which prospects do/do not make these sets. Corcino, for instance, is 7-14 with a 5.86 ERA this year in Louisville. Ah well.

Also grabbed these parallels. Chapman Gold and Sapphire with what I suppose is a cracked glass background. It's alright. The sapphire looks slick. And a Stephenson Refractor, which doesn't refract very much. It's easier to tell it's a Refractor by looking at the back of the card, as it's a glossy bright white. In fact, it refracts less than the base on the scanner. Such is life.

As usual with Platinum, I'm happy to find the parallels in dealer boxes, but if I'm perpetually missing a few, I won't stay awake into the night weeping on my pillow. 

Go Reds.

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