Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Couple of 2013 Rogue Sets

Sneaking under the radar recently were 2013 Pinnacle (what?) and 2013 Golden Age. The Golden Age base set was cheap enough, so I picked up four of the five Reds (already had the Rose). For the Pinnacle, I saw the cavalcade of inserts and parallels and was eager to get a few, thinking I'm the only weirdo who's digging this release. I am wrong. Some of the new Pinnacle stuff is selling for crazy money. Guess I'm waiting a year until no one cares and I dig em out of a quarter box. I did, though, grab the entire Reds  nine-card base set.

I think I'm in minority territory in that I like the base set. They were going for a 90's look, and these definitely look like they were released in 1994. The lack of team logos, as always, is a killer. Someone needs to step up and rid Topps of their stupid monopoly (ding ding ding! I'm the 1,000,000th blogger to complain about the Topps monopoly. I win a #/999,999 lavender sparkle polka dot xxx-fractor parallel of Yasiel Puig. Wooo!). But hey. Good on Panini for still trying.

These are the six veterans to make the cut. No surprises. These are the go-to guys.

Here was a bit of a welcome surprise. Tony Cingrani? Well sure, you got to include him. Took over for an injured Cueto and is tearing it up as a starter. Henry Rodriguez? Not exactly setting the world on fire, but has been called up briefly in 2012 and 2013. Denis Phipps? Um. Who? Completely forgot he got called up last year for 8 games. Similar to Rodriguez, batting-wise. I had to check to see if I had any other Phipps. Not only do I not have any, this is his first card that wasn't specifically issued for a minor league team. Not even Bowman sneaked him in to their goofy Draft Pick Prospect Draft Rookie Prospect Rookie sets. So that's nice. It's just too bad that Reds "C" ain't there. 

And here we go with the Golden Ages. Going way back with Edd Roush. Sweet. I love that they included Sparky. I'll go ahead and sacreligiously say I'm sick of seeing Bench and Morgan. Also, the fronts of these cards look like backs. So I have nothing else to say.

Go Reds, and Go Bucks.

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