Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Round 1/Group 19 Results

More vintage beat downs of the young pups. Not surprised. The '74 Bench takes the group, with the '55 Klu not far behind. The '83 Topps Bench, a personal favorite, also moves on, and in the surprise of the group, a '90s Jose Rijo insert. Sweet. Though I have to say a solemn good night to two excellent Larkin inserts. Group 20 will be up later today. Go Reds.


  1. That insert is really cool. I have the Johnson and Maddux. Always been a favorite....

    1. I have the Andy Benes card from that insert set. Always made me wonder how often Andy threw the knuckler. I guess I figured that the hands showing the grips were his, but since they're the same on Jose's, I'll assume that it's some big-money hand model.