Thursday, September 5, 2013

Completely Red: A New Running Theme Part 1 - 1992 Bowman

The way I collect is complete scatter shot. If it's a Red, I don't have it, and it's wicked cheap, then it's mine. I don't particularly aim for complete team sets. If there's a 12 card set, 11 of em are cheap, and 1 is a short print pre-rookie that everyone loves and is 20 times more expensive than all the others, I do not feel bad leaving it behind and buying the other 11. Going after specifics is a fantastic way to go broke very quickly. Plus, I love quantity. 

However, this does not mean I don't feel happy when I do complete a team set. I can cross it off my want list, put it out of my mind, and enjoy the fact that I won't need to buy any more pages and potentially rearrange the contents of its particular binder.

So with that, I'm going to be peppering the blog with scans of complete sets. The criteria, I suppose, will be it has to have enough Reds to be worth posting (for instance, I have the Reds complete set of 2013 Topps Chasing History which consists of one Joey Votto card). And if it's still small, I'll post a few at a time. I've chosen to start with a beloved junk era set that is decidedly not junk: 1992 Bowman.


Cards - 30

RC's - 5 (Hoffman, Koelling, Reese, Roper, Tatar)

All-Stars - 12 (Hoffman, Swindell x2, Sanders, Browning, Dibble, O'Neill, Larkin x2, Wilson, Roberts, Sabo)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Larkin x2)

Collared Shirts - 4 (Koelling, Greene, Roper, Tatar)

Blue Jeans - 2 (Roper, Tatar)

Action Shots vs. Posed Shots - 13 vs. 17


11 Trevor Hoffman RC
46 Greg Swindell
65 Brian Koelling RC
86 Pokey Reese RC
118 Reggie Sanders
161 Tom Browning
220 Dave Martinez
234 Bill Doran
242 Rob Dibble
267 Paul O'Neill
281 Mo Sanford
319 Tim Belcher
328 Chris Hammond
353 Barry Larkin
382 Darnell Coles
429 Willie Greene
468 Hal Morris
471 Dan Wilson
489 Tim Costo
509 Troy Afenir
512 Jeff Branson
525 Bip Roberts
528 John Roper RC
578 Greg Swindell FOIL
594 Joe Oliver
595 Chris Sabo
621 Kevin Tatar RC
664 Tim Belcher FOIL SP
680 Jose Rijo
694 Barry Larkin FOIL

Go Reds.


  1. Replies
    1. that was the last one i needed. i was sittin at 29/30 for quite a long time.

  2. The Hoffman card is boss, from the old school pitchers pose down to the white tennis shoes. The Tatar is sweet looking as well, but for less serious reasons.

    1. Yeah, I figured you'd like the Hoff. But remember, we had him first!