Monday, September 23, 2013

Vote in Group 29 - Still Not As Ridiculous as MLB

Round 1/Group 29. Aw yeah. On a non-card related note, if you haven't read about what happens if the Cardinals, Pirates, and my Reds all tie for the NL Central title, you should. An annotated version is that apparently it would be a Reds-Cards game in St. Louis for game 163, the winner of whom would play the Pirates for game 164. Then the two losers would be the Wild Card teams, which would flip the days of the NL and AL Wild Cards games as currently scheduled. Since the Reds close the season with three games against Pittsburgh, the Reds could, in theory, go PIT PIT PIT @STL PIT @STL @PIT @PIT PIT PIT @PIT with no off day for the first eight of those (assuming the three-way tie, winning 163, losing 164, winning Wild Card game, then drawing Pittsburgh for the opening series and going all five games). This won't happen. But it could.

Believe it or not, the MLB tournament is somehow more ridiculous than mine. Whoda thunk it?

ANYHOO. How bout you vote for your favorite four in Group 29?

Voting closes Wednesday at noon eastern.

Card #1 - 1959 Topps Ed Bailey

Card #2 - 1992 Upper Deck Mariano Duncan

Card #3 - 2006 Topps Heritage Cincinnati Reds Team Card

Card #4 - 1969 Topps Deckle Edge Pete Rose

Card #5 - 1994 Topps Hal Morris

Card #6 - 2007 Upper Deck Brandon Phillips

Card #7 - 2009 Upper Deck Joey Votto

Card #8 - 2001 Topps Adam Dunn

Card #9 - 1997 Leaf Legacy Barry Larkin

Card #10 - 2001 Ultra Ken Griffey Jr.

Card #11 - 1993 Ultra Rob Dibble

Card #12 - 2012 Topps Johnny Cueto

Card #13 - 1965 Topps Vada Pinson

Card #14 - 1977 Topps NL Championship ft. Pete Rose

Card #15 - 1966 Topps Tony Perez

Card #16 - 1995 Stadium Club Tony Fernandez

Go Reds.


  1. Even without a crazy three-way tie, this should be a really exciting end to the season. I'm not feeling great about the Pirates chances after this weekend, but it should still be fun to watch.

    1. hey, man. you never know. Just get hot and you can sneak into the World Series. I'm just hoping my Reds don't have another historical playoff loss. 2010 and 2012 were hideous.