Friday, August 23, 2013

Late to the Ginter Party - Part 2

First up, go vote in the side bar for Group 14 in the Mega Nutso Card Tournament.

Second, we're gonna check out the rest of my 2013 Ginter haul. We saw the regular base cards last time. Today, I have the two short prints from the base set and the six cards from the Across the Years insert set. True to their eclecticism, Ginter included some dubious trivia related to the players' birthdays as well as celebrities/historical figures who share the same date of birth. As much of a fan of useless knowledge as I am, I was nonplussed about the whole thing. Maybe back in the 1800's, in Ginter's original incantation, this was interesting, but we're in the age of information now. I need something that I can't quickly find on my own. Or maybe I'm just channeling my future bitter, old man. That's probably it. Still love A&G.

Mat Latos SP. I suppose short prints are here to stay, but at least these weren't excessively short printed, therefore affordable. The Reds have one of the best pitching staffs in the majors, and Latos is far and away my favorite. Dude rises to the occasion. 

Brandon Phillips SP. Most excellent. This closes out the entire base set. No thorns in my side that I have to pray show up in a trade this year. Hey, let's stop the short printing and variations, eh?

Aroldis Chapman ATY. Uh oh. Topps was good with not using repeat photos in the base set. Hopes were up. They just couldn't resist, could they. Oh, Topps.

Johnny Bench ATY. Reused photo. Topps Lineage comes to mind.

Johnny Cueto ATY. REUSED PHOTO #3.

Joe Morgan ATY. While I don't recognize the photo, I can't enjoy it because I'm suspicious.

Joey Votto ATY. Same here.

Jay Bruce ATY. And again.

Decent insert set, I suppose. I'm just full of hate today. And the base set is so nice and so packed with Reds goodness, I can't be mad. Go Reds.

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