Saturday, September 7, 2013

Learning a Lesson

What's that lesson? One that we all know, I think. Don't trust Beckett. Why? Because their information is rife with inaccuracy, apparently. In organizing what I need(ed) for my team sets, I'd search, say, "1993 Select Cincinnati Reds", which would bring up a list of all the cards from the set tagged with my team. Well dummy me just assumed this was accurate. I mean, it's Beckett, the wonderful purveyors of my childhood price guides. They are the authority, yes? Well, no. I stumbled upon and this one dude's lists are leagues more accurate. Come on, Beckett. Get with the program. 

So after checking up on the main junk era sets, it proved to be heartbreaking in one regard (that I've been missing out on some quality Redlegs) but excellent in another (cheap Reds that are easy to find). My next move was to find a free-shipping dealer on sportslots and remedy myself of this grave misfortune. My current move is to dump all the scans of my new junk and make a post. Enjoy the cavalier cavalcade of Red Stockings. About 90% of these were cards I was unaware I needed and about 10% were cards I knew I needed. Friggin' Beckett. Go Reds. (Oh hey. Also, go vote in the sidebar)


  1. 20 bucks says Oneill and Swindell have the same "sunglasses guy."

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too. I think we might be able to just chalk it up to it being the 90's.

  2. Q - Are there any bad Bip Roberts cards?
    A - No, there are not.