Monday, September 16, 2013

Completely Red: 1986 Donruss

Thought I'd post a set I don't see referenced too often: 1986 Donruss. A lot of blue in the design. I think they resisted going with an '88 Score-style rainbow. Just blue on every card. 1986 was Tony Perez's final year, and he sneaked his way into the Diamond King set, which is sweet. It was also the final year of Peter Edward Rose. Coming off his '85 season in which he broke Ty Cobb's hits record, Donruss gave him a special 'King of Kings' Diamond King card as well as a 'Record Breaker' card, both in the base set. Also nice is a sneaky Paul O'Neill RC. Go Reds (and a special GO BENGALS for tonight).


Cards - 28

RC's - 3 (Daniels, O'Neill, Runnells)

All Stars - 15 (Perez x2, O'Neill, Rose x3, Davis, Soto, Parker, Concepcion, Hume, Browning, Bell, Franco, Diaz)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Perez x2)

Action vs. Posed Shots - 13 vs. 15

Spectacles - 2 pair


15 Tony Perez
27 Kal Daniels
37 Paul O'Neill
62 Pete Rose
81 Ron Oester
121 Ron Robinson
140 Wayne Krenchicki
164 Eric Davis
184 Mario Soto
203 Dave Parker
243 Dave Concepcion
262 Jay Tibbs
286 Nick Esasky
306 Gary Redus
325 Eddie Milner
365 Tom Hume
384 Tom Browning
408 Ted Power
428 Tony Perez
447 Buddy Bell
487 John Franco
506 Joe Price
530 Bo Diaz
550 Dave Van Gorder
569 Tom Runnells
644 Pete Rose TB
650 Max Venable
653 Pete Rose

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