Monday, September 9, 2013

Completely Red: 1975 Topps

This is the second in an ongoing Completely Red series showing off completed team sets. Today we're looking at a classic: 1975 Topps.

While I'm not quite as head-over-heels about this set as most people are, it is pretty excellent in its standout factor. I wasn't around for the 70's. I was around for the 90's. So while you 70's kids love the solid, bold color scheme, I can only wonder why these colors aren't neon. Topps certainly took a trip through the wormhole this year though (just compare it the '73, '74, '76, and '77 sets... white, white, white, white). Good for them. Stats and checklist are below. The MVP cards really helped pad the stats. One more note: That is NOT a Fred Lynn rookie card. It is an Ed Armbrister rookie card. Go Reds.

Also, go vote in Round 1/Group 22. We're in eyeshot of the end of Round 1. Round 2 won't be quite as hectic.


Cards - 33

RC's - 3 (Darcy, Eastwick, Armbrister)

All Stars - 15 (Concepcion, Foster, Morgan, Robinson, Bench x4, Rose x2, Billingham, Griffey, Carroll, Perez, Nolan)

Hall of Famers - 7 (Morgan, Robinson, Bench x4, Anderson)

Action Shots vs. Posed Shots - 1 vs. 32 (ugh)

Sideburns - 21 Pairs

Cards Prominently Featuring the Color Pink - 6

Go Reds.


17 Dave Concepcion
41 Cesar Geronimo
65 Don Gullett
87 George Foster
108 Tom Hall
133 Dan Driessen
157 Pedro Borbon
180 Joe Morgan 
199 Roger Maris / Frank Robinson MVPs 1961
208 Johnny Bench / Boog Powell MVPs 1970
210 Rich Allen / Johnny Bench MVPs 1972
211 Reggie Jackson / Pete Rose MVPs 1973
235 Jack Billingham
260 Johnny Bench
284 Ken Griffey
308 RBI Leaders Johnny Bench / Jeff Burroughs
320 Pete Rose
345 Clay Carroll
369 Merv Rettenmund
396 Fred Norman
423 Clay Kirby
447 Terry Crowley
481 Will McEnaney
507 Tom Carroll
531 Sparky Anderson
560 Tony Perez
562 Gary Nolan
581 Darrel Chaney
602 John Vukovich 
615 Rookie Pitchers Pat Darcy / Dennis Leonard / Tom Underwood / Hank Webb
621 Rookie Pitchers John Denny / Rawley Eastwick / Jim Kern / Juan Veintidos
622 Rookie Outfielders Fred Lynn / Ed Armbrister / Tom Poquette / Terry Whitefield
656 Bill Plummer

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