Friday, September 20, 2013

TTM Goodness - A Tetrad from the 1970's

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Second, the big quarterly Veteran's Memorial card show is tomorrow and I'll be missing it. This is soul-crushing. I expect to do something stupid on COMC sometime soon.

Third, I still have tons of TTM's that are overdue. Today I'm featuring four from the 70's.

Jack Billingham had a 13 year career including six with The Big Red Machine. In three starts and four relief appearances in the World Series for the Reds, he had a 0.36 ERA (one earned run in 25.1 innings pitched). Insanity. Billingham was an All Star in 1973 and was inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame in 1984. Signed is a 1978 Topps #47.

Wayne Granger had a nine year career, in which he was a member of seven major league teams. In three years with the Reds he pitched in a whopping 227 games, including a then-record 90 in 1969. He earned the Reds' final victory at Crosley Field and was inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame in 1982. Signed is a 1971 Topps #73.

Ted Savage found himself on eight big league teams in his nine year career, including 68 games with Cincinnati in 1969. He has a Ph.D. and is the namesake of the Ted Savage RBI Golf Classic. Signed is a 1970 Topps #602.

Phil Gagliano had a 12 year career, mostly as a utility infielder. His final two years were with Cincinnati, where he hit .366 as a pinch hitter. Signed is a 1974 Topps #622.

Go Reds.

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