Thursday, September 26, 2013

TTM Goodness - Four 70's Pitchers

Firstly, go vote in the sidebar. Round 1/Group 30.

Second, some TTM goodness. Four vintage sigs from the Reds' mound.

Ed Sprague spent 8 years in the majors including 68 appearances in 3 seasons with the Reds. His son, Ed Sprague Jr., was also a major leaguer. Signed is a 1972 Topps #121.

Tom Hall spent 10 years pitching in the big leagues, including 4 for Cincinnati in which he went 21-7 in 143 appearances, mostly in relief. He pitched for Cincy in their '72 World Series and was a member of their championship '75 squad. Signed is a 1973 Topps #8.

Ray Washburn had a ten year career, all but his last one as a Cardinal when he joined the Reds, appearing in 35 games in 1970. Washburn threw a no-hitter against the Giants in 1968. Signed is a 1970 Topps #22.

Joe Gibbon enjoyed a 13 year career, two of which were in relief for the Reds, appearing in 50 games in 1971 and 2 in 1972 before heading to Houston. Signed is a 1972 Topps #382.

Go Reds.

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