Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two Thirds of a Blaster > A Blaster

There are surprisingly mixed feelings about JustCommons, which baffles me. To be fair, the mixture isn't love/hate. It's more love/meh. Personally, I love it. I could buy a blaster, a repack, some rack packs, or whatever, and get a whole bunch of crap I don't want, or I could drop a few bucks at this site and get a bunch of crap no one else but me wants. My crap is so much better than a department store's crap. Obviously. Plus, free shipping. I mean come on. 

I'm in the process of eliminating every card from my home that isn't a Cincinnati Red. Moreover, ridding myself of Cincinnati Reds doubles. The purge will teach me a grand lesson. Spend zero more dollars on cards that aren't emblazoned with the Reds logo. So JustCommons is ideal to fill in the gaps of missing cards. I open a mailer with 100% new Redlegs. It's sweet.

The latest foray was $14, or less than two thirds the price of a blaster (including tax). This haul is so much better. Let's roll.

All the non-rookies from 2013 Prizm. Remarkably similar to last year's. Griffey is usually donning his Mariners blue in new cards, understandably, so its nice to see him in Red. And Barry is usually pushed aside for Bench/Morgan/Perez, so its also nice to see him Sure, why not. I didn't pick up any of the RCs. Needlessly overpriced.

Nine 1997 Bowman International. As usual, the scanner has trouble with these. Good group though.

Some 2007 Topps Chrome Refractor goodness. I'm a big fan of this set. Black and red is always great.

2008 Topps Opening Day Gold serial numbered out of 2199. Why 2199? Topps had been numbering the base sets out of the year in question for awhile now. Why change it so slightly for the OD? Who knows. But if that means it was 10% more likely I'd find a couple, then I approve.

2005 Bowman Gold (yes, that sig is gold foil) Adam Dunn, 1995 Bowman Gold Foil Calvin Reese. Sweet.

Three 1997 Bowman Chrome, including Mr. Larkin. Finishes the set.

1992 Upper Deck Minors. I had three from this set. Now I have eleven. I think I'm still missing one or two.

Bowman goodies. I had the three 2010's in black border and didn't realize that was a parallel. Solved.

Upper Deck goodies, closing out a lot of sets.

CC, Score, and Score select. Closing out these sets as well.

Fleer goodies. Mystique is a good looking set in person.

Topps base sets. Half of these are replacements for cards I mailed out to get signed. The other half, I just had no excuse not to own. Particularly the Griffey.

And the last four. 2013 Cooperstown Edd Roush (nice inclusion), 1979 OPeeChee Dave Concepcion (cut poorly in that special way that only vintage OPeeChee can do), 199someting Donruss Sean Casey RC, and a 1991 Stadium Club Charter Member Billy Hatcher I was unaware existed until a month ago. Sweet.

So there. $14 for 70 cards, all new to the collection. Sorry Wal-Mart and Target. Your card aisle sales will drop one trillionth of one percent. Woe be unto you.

Go Reds.


  1. I might have to give Justcommons a try one of these days.

  2. I did a Justcommons order this summer and I was quite pleased. They helped me knock off a bunch of stuff from my want list - and most cards I picked up were inserts or short prints.