Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Couple B&W Vintage Goodies

First, of course, is a plea to go vote in Group 26 of Round 1 of The Mega Stupid Tournament.

Now onto a couple vintage cards that need posted.

1947-1966 Exhibits #143 Ted Kluszewski.

A great lookin' card, despite the misspelling. A very regal pose from Big Klu. For those unaware, these are postcard-sized cards produced by a supply company between 1947 and 1966, with rarely an indication of precisely when. Some have some info on the back, typically in the 1960's, while most, like Klu here, have a blank back. Going off the dedicated catalogers of the brand, the all-caps 'PRINTED IN U.S.A.' puts this card in the 1954-1956 range. Pretty nice addition to the vintage oddball collection.

1940 Play Ball #75 - "Buck" McCormick

Frank "Buck" McCormick was the MVP of the 1940 season, a nine-time All-Star, and a member of the Reds Hall of Fame. So any card from his playing days is friggin' great to own. The Play Ball sets weren't exactly thrilling, but at least they used photographs of the players instead of paintings. As the banner indicates, the r\Reds would win the NL pennant in 1939, though were swept by the Yankees in the World Series. The Reds would bounce back, however, to win the World Series the next season, McCormick's MVP year, over the Tigers, the Reds' second World Series title.

Go Reds.

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