Friday, September 25, 2015

SHOW - Part 2: Vintage and Two Autos

More from the show. Giddy up.

I'll start off with the coolest item from the haul. A 1934 Diamond Matchbook Chick Hafey. This is my 4th from the set, but my first of a Hall of Famer. Hafey played the final 5 years of his 13 year career with Cincy, which included representing the Reds in the first ever All Star game. A lifetime .317 hitter, he was inducted into The Hall in 1971 by the Veterans' Committee.

One dude had a dime box of 1960's Topps. A DIME BOX OF 1960'S TOPPS! Crazy. I plucked these for my Reds not Reds binder, which is currently overflowing.

Three more from the same binder, and a few newer guys. The Reds not Reds remaining are getting pretty tough. I'll have to invent another stupid project soon.

Yet more vintagey goodness. Good ol' SSPC. A thousand dollars if you can identify these former/soon to be Reds players. Ok, less than a thousand. Probably zero.

2014 Bowman Prospects Refractor Autograph Juan Silva #'d/500. I already have the non-refractor version, but this was too cheap to pass up.

2014 Bowman Prospects Refractor Autograph Ben Lively #'d/500. Same deal here. Good looking pair of cards, honestly. I've always like the fade for the auto on cards like this.

More to come, kiddies. Last day to vote in the NTNBRVT as well. Go Reds.


  1. Great pick ups! Love the matchbook cover and I need to find me a vintage 60s dimebox.

  2. Well, I can tell you that one of those SSPC cards is Dusty Baker, otherwise you got me stumped. I wish there were more of those floating around these parts!

  3. Besides Baker [already mentioned], I got Ross Grimsley [afro] and Cookie Rojas.

  4. Dusty baker, woodie fry an, Ross grimsley
    Jim kern, Leo Cardenas,Dave collins
    John McNamara,cookie Rojas, Ed sprague

  5. Not even a little bit surprised that Mark Hoyle is right on top of it.