Saturday, September 26, 2015

Championship Match in the NTNBRVT

Awww yes. You Red Cardboard faithful have worked hard to get here, and the title match is huge. We have a sneaky 13-seed vs. a stalwart. The 1955 Red Man Gus Bell didn't get the votes in the pre-bracket seeding rounds. Perhaps it got lost in the piles. But head-to-head we all saw it's superiority. And as for the 1941 Play Ball Frank McCormick, well, it's just been kicking ass from the beginning. Iconic set. Reds Hall of Famer coming off his MVP season. Huge.

One more vote for you all. Let's make it count. Check the brackets here to relive the drama. Voting closes Wednesday at noon. Go Reds.

Title Match - #13 1955 Red Man Gus Bell vs. #3 1941 Play Ball Frank McCormick


  1. I was worried that the final vote would end up as a difficult choice, but for me this one is easy peasy. Older <> Better, Red Man all the way!