Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vote in the Sweet Sixteen, Kids

The Non-Topps Non-Bowman Reds Vintage Tournament has funneled down to sixteen. Some great cards have been left on the roadside. Check the brackets here, if you are so inclined.

We'll check out the top half of the Sweet Sixteen today. Vote for your favorite. Voting closes Monday at noon. Go Reds.

Match-Up AM: #1 1911 T205 Dick Egan vs. #16 1933 Goudey (High) Earl Adams

Match-Up AN: #8 1909 T206 Ed Karger vs. #9 1948 Leaf Kent Peterson

Match-Up AO: #4 1963 Fleer Vada Pinson vs. #13 1955 Red Man Gus Bell

Match-Up AP: #5 1953 Red Man Ted Kluszewski vs. #21 1963 Kahn's Don Blasingame

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