Friday, September 4, 2015

Nolan's Dugout and The Junior Junkie Delivering The Goods

Two unsolicited (the best kind) PWEs courtesy of Kyle from Nolan's Dugout and TJ from The Junior Junkie, two blogs stacked heartily in my blog queue in the sidebar. Let's roll 'em.

First, from The Junkie:
Some MLB Showdowns, a Silver Ice and a super-thick Gold to start us off. I enjoy the cracked ice parallels of late. Though so does everyone else, because they go for way more than I'm willing to drop.

Conlon is good for my many new projects (Opening Day starters, World Series rosters, Reds not Reds) since there ain't no other way of getting cards of a lot of these guys for less than a sawbuck,

Hello, sneaky Larkin. Being all sneaky.

And from The Dugout:

That '84 Donruss Bench/Yaz is huge. I could've sworn I had one, but then couldn't find it, so I'd been searching for a cheap one for a long, long time. Well it's hard to get cheaper than free. The three others were set needs that all wrapped up team sets. Noice.

Thank you, gentlemen of the blogosphere. Your karma shall pay you back tenfold.

Go Reds.


  1. I'm kind of amazed that PWE made it through the USPS. I read they allow stamped letters up to 1/4", so I've been a lot braver when it comes to filling them up. More coming eventually...

  2. Glad they fill the void. Tenfold is always nice but helping out a fellow collector is well worth it. I've been on the receiving end of these too.