Sunday, September 13, 2015

COMC Smackdown - 2/4

Awwww yeah. How about some autos for your eyeballs? Also, it's the first full day of real-men football, so a hearty WHO DEY to all you Bengal fans out there. All 150 of us.

2014 Stadium Club Autographs Tony Cingrani. There was a time very recently where this was one of the hot-ticket autos. Not sure what happened, but I'm happy to have a sweet Stadium Club auto card.

2008 SPX Rookie Signatures Ryan Hanigan. Hanigan played 474 games at catcher for the Reds from 2007-2012 before being traded to the Rays, I liked him. But I like all catchers. This is an overdue autograph.

2013 Panini Prizm Autographs Sean Marshall. Marshall pitched 73 games in relief for us in 2012. Then injuries limited him to 31 games the next two seasons and none this year.

2001 Royal Rookies Futures Autographs Ray Olmedo. 141 games for the Reds from 2003 to 2006. Not much else to say, other than it helps me toward my get-an-auto-of-every Red quest.

2002 SP Authentic Future Watch Autographs Chris Booker #'d/999. Chris Booker pitched in 3 games for the Reds in 2005 for a total of 2 innings. Still counts.

2008 SP Authentic Rookie Autographs Paul Janish. Janish saw solid playing time from 2008-2011 in Cincy, batting in 324 games. He's currently with the Orioles.

2014 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Nick Howard. Howard was drafted in 2014, spent that year in single-A Dayton and spent 2015 in advanced-A Daytona. He is currently the Reds' 12th ranked prospect. I don't know if that means anything, but there you go.

Go Reds. And Go Bengals. Who Dey.


  1. I saw how low some of the Stadium Club autos were on COMC the other day. I was tempted to snag a Cingrani for myself for under $2, but I already have his auto on a Heritage Minors card from Redsfest a couple years ago.

    1. Yeah. Under $2 autos are my bread and butter lately

  2. I'm not much of an autograph collector, but I like to look on COMC for cheap ones for my Shlabotnik-esque player collections. Your post inspired me to go out and buy a couple of Mets signed cards for under $1 each. Gotta love it. There's so much variety out on COMC and I've got so many different "collections" going that I had to start a list to remember the different ways to search on things to see what might be out there.

    1. Best part about COMC is the occasional seller who's just sick of it and wants to unload. This is the zen of Red Cardboard purchasing.