Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SHOW: Part 4 (Final) - Inserts, Oddballs, and Thickness

Man, I'm still posting show stuff. A most excellent haul, it seems.

2015 Topps 1st Home Run Medallion Adam Dunn. Super thick. Super heavy. I'm not huge into manufactured 'relics', but this was from the guy just sick of new stuff who was unloading everything. Good for me. And good for my Dunn PC.

More thickness from various Topps high-end products. I don't even understand why they make base cards for products like this. People just buy them for mega-hits, right? These inevitably end up in bargain boxes. which is kind of a shame, because they are indeed very nice cards.

Ooh, is that a 2014 Upper Deck baseball card? Sneaky sneaky. The rest of these are equally odd. Some gold UD hologram thing, some playing cards, a Broder Sabo, and whatever The Colla Collection is.

Inserts, inserts, and more inserts. The Seaver is serial numbered out of a couple thousand. The Griffey is awesome. I don't even know what the deal with the player-less UD Past Time Pennants is, but it says 'Reds' on it, so it was worth the dime.

More inserts still. The dimensions of the Stephenson throw me off. It's a new 2015 Bowman insert. I hadn't seen one until this one.

Speaking of miniature cards, nabbed a couple baby Gypsys, and the last non-star '75 Topps Mini I needed. Fun facts: Denny and Kern would eventually play for the Reds and Juan Ventidos translates to John Twenty Two.

And I'll close 'er down with a 1981 Topps Super Tom Seaver. White back variation. It's huge.

Go Reds.

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