Thursday, September 17, 2015

1934 Butterfinger Premiums R310 #22 Benny Frey

Not so much a card as a vintage 8x10. Or 7 3/4 x 9 3/4 to be precise. These were distributed with boxes of Butterfinger bars wayyyy back in the day. They're printed on thin paper, so it's a minor miracle it's survived for this long.

As for Benny Frey, he pitched for the Reds from 1929-1936 with a 2-game stint for the Cardinals thrown in there in 1932. In 127 starts and 256 total games he went 57-82 with a 4.50 ERA. In 1934, despite and 11-16 record, he finished 16th in MVP voting.

This is now proudly housed in my vintage oddball binder.

Go Reds.


  1. Nobody better lay a finger on that Butterfinger..... it's liable to crumble!