Monday, September 14, 2015

Vote in the Final Leg of the Tourney Sweet 16

Four more quality match-ups today. After this there will be only 8 cards remaining vying for the Non-Topps Non-Bowman Vintage Crown. Check the brackets here.

As always, vote for your favorite. Voting ends Friday at noon. Go Reds.

Match-Up AQ: #2 1964 Kahn's Bob Purkey vs. #15 1936 National Chicle Bill Myers/Chuck Dressen

Match-Up AR: #7 1922 W573 Cliff Markle vs. #10 1962 Post Canadian Vada Pinson

Match-Up AS: #3 1941 Play Ball Frank McCormick vs. #19 1952 Red Man Ewell Blackwell

Match-Up AT: #27 1973 Kellogg's Joe Morgan vs. #11 1977 Kellogg's George Foster


  1. Match up three. Super tough decision. Two of my favorites

  2. I'm going against the flow on three of these, but I prefer post-war cards, and I don't hold the lack of 3-D against Joe Morgan.