Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SHOW: Part 3 - Base and Bengals

More show goodies? More show goodies. Today is a bevy of base cards from one of the million different sets out there that I needed. You know. As much as any of us can 'need' some random common from 2004 Fleer Whatever. Roll 'em out.

2014 Bowman Chrome Mini. Pretty sure this is the entire team set. Ten guys on their first card and a Billy rookie for good measure.

Buncha Reds greats. I think that Junior Starquest is the 'uncommon' version, according to the back. Also, that Stadium Club Griffey duo is a long overdue addition to the ol' collection.

Good grief, how many sets were produced during the 18 years I stopped collecting? It's awesome that I'll always find stuff I don't have buried in dime boxes across this land, but more than a bit futile.

Couple of 'wrong jersey' cards, from each end. I was somehow one card short of the 2014 flagship until now. That's done. And these SPX cards are neato burrito.

Dust collectors. Check.

Oh what the heck I found some Bengals for my 'One and only one card of every Bengal ever' binder. Because I need more colelcting outlets, apparently.

And more. I had to snag the two Super Bowl cards even though, well, you know, they lost. To stupid Joe Montana. Both stupid times. Stupid.

Go Reds. And Go Bengals. 3-0, baby.

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  1. Losing to Hall of Fame QBs still sucks, stupid super bowl