Friday, September 11, 2015

COMC Smackdown - 1/4

Pesky old Check Out My Cards. Always sitting there, saying, 'Hey Red Cardboard! How's about you spend forty bucks and get some little pictures of baseball players? Hmmmm?'

Well I caved. Again. And I will continue to cave. Again and again. Here's the latest haul. We'll devote part 1 to everyone's favorite: Kellogg's and Hostess vintage.

1976 Hostess Pete Rose. This is all beat up, but that's ok. One, it's vintage Petey, so it's a tough get, and two, I think it's a mild SP, so it's an even tougher get.

1979 Hostess Doug Bair. Slightly less exciting than Rose, but a set need nonetheless.

1975 Kellogg' Joe Morgan. All cracked up. Such is the destiny of 70's Kellogg's.

I was apparently missing a whole bunch of Ken Griffey Kellogg's, and one guy apparently had a bunch. Nice. These are '76, '77. and '78, in some order. I don't know my Kellogg's and I'm too lazy to check. I'm a terrible blogman.

1981 Kellogg's Tom Seaver. Not technically vintage, but technically awesome. Seaver still pulls value, so I'm happy to find things like this.

And we'll close with a Johnny Bench from 1982. JUST LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS MAN. DAMN.

Go Reds.


  1. That bench is sweet, the griffeys look mint

  2. "mild SP"? Does that mean that Pete Rose came on the back of a box of Crumb Cakes? Or maybe Choco-diles?

    Nice pickups, I've been looking for Hostess and Kellogg's on COMC, but haven't had quite the luck you did!

  3. You have the late '70s Kellogg's Griffeys ordered correctly. Love me some Kellogg's 3-D action.