Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yet another COMC Smackdown - Part 1/2

Yeah, I went ahead and threw another 30 bucks at COMC. Because why not. Because I was in need of some vintage goodness. Because I hate money. Because I'm an addict. But dammit, I'm enjoying myself.

I'm splitting the haul into two posts. Today, we'll focus on the pre-1960 half of the purchase. Roll on...

My favorite card of the package: 1955 Red Man Gus Bell. This is my third Red Man card (Kluszewski, Adams). '55 was the year they added a little background scenery to the portrait, which is great. It's barely faded at all, so it looks real purdy on display. Also, this is my first without the tab on the bottom. Back in the day, 50 of those tabs got you a cap. I hope the original owner of the card got one. I'm still 48 tabs shy.

1953 Topps Eddie Pellagrini. Low number common. Beat up. Just my style.

1954 Topps Roy McMillan, Bobby Adams. Same deal here, but with the added bonus that I have now finished the '54 Topps team set!. Woot. This is by far my oldest complete set. I'm pumped to get a Completely Red post up about it.

1952 Bowman Willard Ramsdell, Howie Fox, Ken Raffensberger. Making great progress on 1950's Bowmans. These were deliciously inexpensive. Fox looks up to something.

1949 Bowman Virgil Stallcup RC. My third from '49 Bowman. Such a strange attempt at photographic printing in this set. Sepia-ish photo with a colored hat just doesn't sit right. But anything from the '40s is nice to have.

Closing it out with my second favorite card of the haul, a 1951 Bowman Bobby Adams. This is the only horizontal card of the 11 Reds I have from the set, and it's sweet. A simple background of blue sky and a stadium light and a throwing pose is all ya need. Great card.

Part 2 tomorrow. Go vote in Round 2/Group 4 if you haven't already. Go Reds.


  1. That Red Man card is absolutely beee-yoooooo-tiful! I love this set, and I've starting pickup up tabless cards, just to keep the cost down.

    1. Yeah, it was a great price without the tab. And despite the fact that the tag doesn't add to the look, and is in fact kind of ugly, I kinda wish it was there.