Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, Kids

Happy All-Hallows' Eve, kiddies. Keep scrolling to receive your treats

Knock on the door at La Casa de Cartulina Roja for Candy goodies. No Candy Maldonado nor Candy Nelson, but a nice helping of Candy Sierra, Reds pitcher from the 1988 season.

No Pee Wee or Rich, but a heaping helping of Pokey Reese's Pieces.

No Cal Ripken or Sandy Alomar, but boxes and boxes of Ken Griffey Junior Mints.

We are never short on stale bubble gum at Red Cardboard. Bazooka, Big League, Goudey, National Chicle, and Swell will line your bags for weeks to come.

While not candy, sweet treats abound. Hostess Twinkies and Drake's Coffee Cake will be a nice baked alternative.

No Will or Jack, but we have a big ol' Brady Clark Bar.

While Aaron or Greenberg would have made great Reds, we're happy with prospect Oh Henry! Rodriguez (apologies to Sue Ellen Mischke).

Go Reds.