Friday, October 11, 2013

Sportlots Avalanche - Part 1/3: Parallels

Added over 100 fresh Reds to the albums recently, thanks to Find a dealer with free shipping, spend forever with their crappy search tools, find enough to qualify for free shipping, get the package, tear into the package like it's friggin Christmas. So it goes. Finished off some sets, which I always enjoy. Snagged a whole bunch of parallels. This also brings me joy. There is so much goodness, we're getting three big posts about it. Sweet.

Part 1 is all about the parallel. Nabbed a bunch. Let's ride.

Leading off with 1998 Topps Stars Barry Larkins. Serial numbering wasn't huge yet, but it was catching on. Nearing explosion. Topps Stars just assumed to serialize everything, regardless of the preposterous populations. Here we have the base (red), Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Not a very prominent change. BUT, these are Larkins. So they get an A grade. Let's check the scarcity on the back...

We have 3622/9799 for the base, 2186/9799 for the Bronze (wait. a parallel that's equally as plentiful as the base? weird), 0909/4399 for the Silver, and 1839/2299 for the 'rare' Gold. Well alright. These numbers are hardly impressive anymore. I wasn't collecting in '98, but I'm guessing these would've earned their way into top-loaders at the time.

Four from the 2009 Topps Wal-Mart Black parallel set. I like these. Black and red will always look good together on cardboard.

Also from 2009 Topps, six Target-exclusive parallels. Thicker stock. No gloss. Old-school logo. More 'cardboardy'. Righteous. Included is a bittersweet addition to my Dusty post from a few days ago.

Some Pinnacle Starbursts. These were pretty sweet, back in the day. Sturdy, shiny, and relief-ed. I particularly like the Tom Browning.

Six from 2001 Topps Home Team Advantage. I'm not sure of the story behind these. Something to do with the 50th anniversary, I guess. There was another 'Limited Edition' set from this year, in which there was tiny foil printing above the player's name, as opposed to a foil stamp above the player's name. My 90 second Google-fu didn't turn up any relevant information.

Some Bowman Prosepect Golds. Love the super-thick card stock. They barely fit in pages. That's how you know they're good, right?

I suppose you can't tell by the scans, but these are all four Reds from the 1987 Topps Traded Tiffany set. Love Tiffany. I'm only missing the Pete Rose and the Barry Larkin RC, which are terribly overpriced.

1995 Score Gold Rush. Excellent. The Tomko Score Base sneaked into the scan. I'll allow it.

Two from the 2007 Topps Red Back set (a pretty weak parallel, honestly) and the last card I needed from 1993 Topps Gold, Willie Greene.

And finally, four solid Chromies from over a decade ago. '98 Deion, '02 Dempster, '01 Kearns, '96 Sanders. All excellent.

Remember, vote in Round 2 of the Gluttonously Overflowing Card Tournament in the sidebar. Go Reds.

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