Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sportlots Avalanche - Part 3/3: The Rest

Go here and here for Parts 1 and 2 of the new card bonanza. Part 1 was parallels, Part 2 was Minor Leaguers, Part 3 is everything else. Let's do it to it.

Two fresh Barrys. The 2000 Vanguard is a pretty slick card. The scan doesn't do it justice, but it's very vibrant and printed on sturdy stock. Considering most other Pacific releases are fairly pitiful, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it.

Six from 2002 Upper Deck 40 Man. I have 42 of the 44 Reds from this set. Not bad. This and Topps Total need to come back.

These are also from the same 40 Man set. I like this design, for reasons I can't quite figure out. Maybe it's just in sharp contrast to the rest of the set, so it's tricking me into thinking it's interesting.

1993 Finest. Oh yes. And it's my boy Sabo. Excellent card. Now just gotta find a refractor version.

1994 Fleer Extra Bases. Oversized cards lead to storage issues. Such is life. Good cards, nonetheless.

Three from the 2012 Leaf Rose set. Two of these are technically Phillies. But the logo is shopped off, so technically these are teamless. I'm hoping to complete this set, Phils, Expos, and all. 48/50 complete.

Speaking of incorrect jerseys, here are 4 from 1999 Fleer Tradition Update. The unreadable script on the left can be deciphered to say 'Cincinnati Reds'. So these were needed. 

More Fleer Tradition. By now they had graduated to the thick card stock. Good. Notice that Paul Wilson lead the team in K's with only 93. Ugh.

1992 Score Traded. Finally finished the set, 21 years later. Nice Bip.

Some Topps Total. I'm slowly chipping away at these sets. I don't care for dual cards. It ruins the essence of the set. Give these guys their own cards.

Some Chromies that didn't make the cut two days ago and a sweet Deion Bowman's Best. That signature says 'Phillipe-Alexander Valiquette', by the way. Totally.

Missing Bowman base cards. How am I missing Bowman bases? Unforgivable.

And the rest. From all over the place. Good ol Sportlots commons. Padding my binders quite nicely. Go Reds.

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  1. I'm a big UD 40-Man fan as well. Not as great as Topps Total, of course, but still a fantastic set. It's the only way guys like Gookie Dawkins would get cards.