Saturday, October 5, 2013

TTM Goodness - Three from the 1960's

These are the last unposted TTM's from this decade I have in the queue. I hope to get more sometime soon. A few more requests have been sent, but I'm not optimistic. I still have dozens from the 70's, 80's, and 90's, but the 60's signatures I enjoy the most. Though it's rough on the wallet replacing them in the binders. Let's roll.

Marty Keough had an 11-year career, 4 with Cincinnati, including an 111 game .278 average performance in 1962. His brother, Joe, and his son, Matt, also made major league rosters. Signed is a 1965 Topps #263.

Dick Simpson had a 7-year major league career including a debut at age 19 for the Angels. He would later spend two years with the Reds, appearing in 136 games. Signed is a 1967 Topps #6.

Bill Henry pitched in the bigs for 16 season, including 6 seasons in Cincinnati. For the Reds, Henry was an All Star in 1960 and pitched in 2 game in the 1961 World Series. Signed is a 1965 Topps #456.

Go Reds.

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