Monday, October 7, 2013

Completely Red - 1991 Score

Ok, 1991 Score screams '90's Junk Era', but I don't care. I had tons of it. It was cheap, it had a huge checklist, it was cheap, it had tons of subsets, it was cheap, and it was cheap. It was my first complete factory set and I also had a hand-made set. A huge 893-card base set combined with a 110-card Traded set adds up to over 1,000 card of junkie goodness. Of these, we have a massive 41-card Reds selection, 24 of which feature an All Star, including 5 each of Barry Larkin and Eric Davis. How can you not love this set?

Design-wise, the base cards are very simple. Bright, solid color scheme with a very 90's template. In classic score fashion, the main color for each card changed throughout the set. Most were blue with green. My favorite are the black with red. The Dream Team subset is a collector favorite, with some infamous and dubious photography (Rickey Henderson and Jose Canseco, anyone?). The first big-heads of the brand appeared this year, three of which were Reds. The Master Blaster/K-Man/Rifleman subset, with the radical Power Point effects are sweet. I will never not love this set.


Cards - 41

RC's -  5 (Rodriguez, Wilson, Sutko, Jones, Benavides)

All Stars - 24 (Dibble x2, Davis x5, O'Neill, Browning, Armstrong, Sabo x2, Duncan, Myers x3, Larkin x5, Charlton, Jackson, Wilson)

Hall of Famers - 5 (Larkin x5)

Action vs. Posed - 37 vs. 4

Front Hand-Springs - 1

Percentage of Card #885 Occupied By Randy Myers' Face -  72%


17 Rob Dibble
18 Glenn Braggs
64 Tim Layana
90 Todd Benzinger
137 Eric Davis
227 Paul O'Neill
229 Tom Browning
231 Jack Armstrong
373 Rosario Rodriguez
403 Eric Davis
407 Rob Dibble
462 Chris Sabo
464 Rick Mahler
469 Billy Hatcher
479 Mariano Duncan
501 Randy Myers
505 Barry Larkin
530 Norm Charlton
601 Danny Jackson
620 Joe Oliver
642 Scott Scudder
647 Hal Morris
648 Tim Birtsas
651 Ron Oester
656 Herm Winningham
658 Jose Rijo
662 Randy Myers
666 Barry Larkin
669 Eric Davis
681 Dan Wilson
696 Eric Davis
767 Glenn Sutko
775 Bill Doran
795 Reds October
822 Luis Quinones
863 Eric Davis
885 Randy Myers
888 Barry Larkin
899 Barry Larkin
92T Chris Jones
98T Freddie Benavides 

Go Reds.

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