Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mini Show

There was an 8-dealer show this past weekend about 20 minutes from my home. It was run by a guy who I've picked clean of Reds, and I knew it would be a small group otherwise. Still worth checking out, I suppose. Turns out of the 8 dealers, I had picked 4 of them clean, 1 was dealing mainly in supplies/hobby boxes, 1 had nothing to offer, 1 had nearly nothing to offer, and 1 guy had a bunch of new stuff for relatively cheap. This lead to about 30 new cards for the collection. Decent, but a far cry from the damage I usually do at these shows. I'll just parlay the money I was going to spend into more goodness at next months big show.

Anyhoozle, let's check out the loot.

Three of the Blue Sparkle redemptions from 2013 Topps: Latos, Marshall, Arroyo. There were 10,000 packs of 5 of these that Topps made of the 330 card Series 1 set. This calculates to about 151-152 of each card. There were Silver parallels of each numbered to 10 randomly inserted into these packs. Taking away these 3,300 yields now about 141-142 of each. There were also autos randomly inserted, though I don't know at what rate. I imagine this puts the number closer to 140. Most sources quote about 150 each of these, but I think they just took 50,000/330 without accounting for the 3,300 Silvers and the handful of autos. Either way, I'm surprised Topps didn't serial number these. Good for us collectors, though, as they're being sold for cheaper than they should be.
Two 2013 Topps Emeralds I needed, Gregorius and Leake. And a Joey Votto World Baseball Classic Insert from 2013 Topps. Sweet.
While merely SSPC, this is still vintage Johnny and vintage Rose from the 1976 set. Both in a 3 for $1 box.

Eight of the ten Reds from 2013 Topps Chrome. The two I'm missing are the Donald Lutz and Tony Cingrani RC's, which the dealer was asking a premium for. Choo didn't make the base set as a Red, so I'm glad to have that one.
Two big name refractors from 2013 Topps Chrome: Johnny Cueto and Jay Bruce. Excellent.

A couple stray Griffeys I didn't think I had. I was right. 2004 Leaf and 2000 Omega.

Three autographs for $2 total. Wladimir Balentien, Nick Esasky, and Hal Morris. I already had a Hal Morris Auto, but I couldn't pass up and upgrade, as the other was on a 1990 Bowman (barf).
There wasn't a lot of 2013 Bowman floating around yet, as it was released only the day before. But one guy busted one box and sold me these four Reds for a dollar. Done and done.

And the 'other' category of just random quarter box pulls. 2011 Topps 60 Tom Seaver, 20something Bowman Gold Cody Strait, 2013 Prizm Henry Rodriguez, 2011 Bowman Gold Zack Cozart, 2011 Bowman Chrome Zack Cozart. Sweet.

Go Reds.


  1. Bench and Rose SSPC cards in a 3/$1 box?

    Nice finds!

    1. Yeah, the guy was selling mostly memorabilia. Not a lot of cards, so I'm sure he was just trying to rid himself of whatever he could.

  2. "Merely SSPC"? Heretic! Stone the heretic!!!!!

    Nice pickup, it's good to know that it's possible to find cheap SSPC's.

    1. Perhaps the italics didn't convey the proper level of sarcasm I was going for. Viva la SSPC!