Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Round 2 of the Ridiculousness Has Begun - Go Vote

In regard to last night's wild card game, well, I don't have anything to say that every Cincinnati fan hasn't already shouted. The only interesting thing about this season I'll share is that Aroldis Chapman, one of the scariest pitchers in the league, pitched only 63.2 more innings this year than I did. Dustyball, baby.

But onto happier things. Round 2, after long, long await, has descending upon us. If you missed the Round 1 recap yesterday, check it out. Round 1 parsed us down from 512 to 128. The goal of Round 2 is to parse us down from 128 to 64. This will be done in 16 groups of 8 cards each, 2 of whom were Round 1 group winners (I won't remind you who the winners were, to minimize the bias). There will be more time to vote, also. All cards from here on out are top quality. I'm pumped to see how the voting goes.

Vote for your top 4 in the sidebar. Voting closes Sunday at noon eastern.

Go Reds.

Card #1 - 1983 Topps Johnny Bench

Card #2 -1968 Topps Pete Rose

Card #3 - 1959 Topps Dutch Dotterer

Card #4 - 1986 Topps Bo Diaz

Card #5 - 1970 Topps Johnny Bench

Card #6 - 1998 Stadium Club Deion Sanders

Card #7 - 1960 Topps Cincy Clouters ft. Bell/Robinson/Lynch

Card #8 - 1963 Topps Fred Hutchinson


  1. Just voted, the graph showed the results: an 8-way tie. Every card has one vote. Nice.

    1. Excellent. I expect most of these groups to be tight.