Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yet Another COMC Smackdown - Part 2/2

As posted yesterday, I sent a few more hard-earned bucks into the ether and received a stack of Reds goodness. Here's Part 2:

The super-vintage was the focus of Part 1. The other half of the package was some 70's and some autos. First up...

1972 Topps High Number Pat Corrales In Action. Oh, this pesky '72 Topps set. I rarely can bring myself to splurge for these. And it'll be a long while before the team set is complete, owing to the Traded Joe Morgan that fetches an absurd price. BUT, this Pat Corrales was considerably more reasonable. Though the 'action' is merely Corrales adjusting his mitt, it's still a nice add. And the back...

...the top left of the Tom Seaver puzzle. Must've been tough to finish this puzzle back in the day.

1978 O-Pee-Chee Pete Rose. Pete Rose is, and will always be, l'frappeur ambidextre magnifique.

And another O-Pee-Chee big name, 1979 Joe Morgan. Good lookin'.

2007 SP Authentic By the Letter Rookie Signatures Brad Salmon #'d 64/75. This is my first card of this nature, that is, a signature on a manufactured patch. I suppose there are enough of these to spell 'ROOKIE'? There's no 'K' in Mr. Salmon's name, so this is my best guess. Or maybe it's the strikeout 'K'. Ah well. I do enjoy that he's pictured holding a bat despite being a pitcher. For the uneducated, Brad Salmon pitched in 26 career games, all in 2007 for the Reds.

2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects Kyle Lotzkar. Lotzkar is currently toiling away at Reds' A+ affiliate Bakersfield Blaze. It appears as if his career is nearing its end, having never made it to The Show.

2000 SPx David Espinosa Rookie Auto #'d 0351/1500. Espinosa made it as high as AAA for Detroit after a couple years playing for the Reds' minor league teams. He just finished his 13th minor league season for the Independent League Lincoln Salt Dogs. 

2003 Donruss Rookies Autographs Josh Hall. #'d 0813/1000. Hall started five games for the Reds in 2003 and finished one. He won 76 games for the Reds' Minor League teams.

2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Special Endorsements Chris Denorfia. I really like this card design. It pops. Though it clashes with the Reds uniform, I bet there are a few cards in this set that look really nice. Denorfia played two seasons for the Reds, batting a nice .278 in 144 at-bats. He's currently an everyday player in the Padres' outfield.

Well alrighty. Not bad at all for about 30 bucks (5 vintage Bowman, 3 1950's Topps, a 1955 Red Man, 3 1970's rarities, and 5 autos). Go Reds.

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