Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Topps Update

Among a larger order from JustCommons (which will be a future post) were the latest from the Topps flagship. Let's check out the Reds goodness.

Shin-Soo Choo finally sneaked into the set as a Red. His Series 1 card was an Indian and he was absent from Series 2. I fear we won't pony up the money to bring him back. Derrick Robinson found himself in 102 games for the Reds in his first year and Donald Lutz found himself in 34 games in his first, both earning a nice RC. Xavier Paul gets his first ever issue as a Red in any brand, which is sweet. 

My boys earned 3 All Star bids, all shown here. Hey look, Topps. You send a photographer to a game and you get fresh, new photos! Crazy! I'm not willing to check, but I'm guessing I have very few cards featuring three different teams' jerseys on the playing field like the Phillips card. Pretty excellent.

These? I like these. A lot. The 1971 mini is Update's answer to the 1972 minis from Series 1 and 2. The '71 design looks better miniaturized for reasons I lack the artistic ability to explain. Topps put out 6 Reds in the '72 theme and these 3 in the '71 theme, which lends itself perfectly to a 9-card page (though Votto and Bench were repeated).

Also picked up a single Gold parallel. So this is my second Xavier Paul. Only 8 more parallels and 4 printing plates for the complete XP collection!

Ok, I didn't pick up this card, but it needs mentioned. If you're unaware, Teddy Kremer is a batboy for the Reds. You should definitely check out ESPN's 30 for 30 short on the man. It's a mandatory watch for any sports fan. This is a super-short print Topps put out, one of three card numbered U268 (with the Votto regular All Star and the Votto variation). Last time I checked, 14 had been sold on ebay, 13 of them for over $100 and 1 that sneaked by for $82. So unless I hit the lottery, it's very unlikely that I pony up the bucks for this one.

Well there ya go. The mission now is to dig up the myriad of parallels in the box fields of a card show. Go Reds.

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