Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Larkin Retrospective - Part 2: Flip That Bat

With 2,340 hits (9th all-time among shortstops), Barry Larkin had ample opportunity to flip his bat on the way to first base. Every so often, a capture of the flip makes its way onto a little piece of cardboard and then travels the vast reaches of our galaxy to end up in a sleeved page in a binder in my card room. This is the zen.

I have been fortunate to find twelve such cards of Larkin discarding his bat like it just insulted his mama. Such is the life of the baseball bat. A finely tuned instrument gracing the daily practice of all players. Loved. Cherished. Anointed with oils. Only to be swung, abused, then thrown away.

With 8,053 non-walk plate appearances and only 817 strikeouts, Larkin had 7,236 opportunities to chuck, fling, toss, launch, discharge, and sling that bat in 19 years donning the Cincinnati red. Woe unto the lathed ash.

Go Reds.

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