Saturday, May 23, 2015

PWE + Box Breaks

Got some new goodies here. First, a couple of cheap box breaks I got into: 2015 Prizm and 2015 Diamond Kings. No hits, but a few nice cards, and for not too much cash. And second, a PWE from 2x3heroes.

The Prizm break only yielded two cards, but the Cueto is a refractor, which is nice. I fear Mr. Cueto will be gone from Cincy soon. Such is life.

Three base from DK. I was pleasantly surprised to see Big Klu included. As much as I love Bench/Morgan/Perez, it's getting a little stale seeing them pop up in modern sets all the time.

Three rookies as well. The black jersey is a variation. Yeah that's right. I landed a Yorman Rodriguez variation. BOW DOWN. I have no idea how rare the variations are, or what players have variations, or anything, really. I do love the black jerseys, though.

And here's all but one of the cards 2x3 was able to squeeze into a single PWE. Impressive. Nice spread. The other one...

Boom. 2014 Gypsy Queen bat relic Jay Bruce. My first Bruce relic. And my first bat piece in a while, amidst a recent slurry of jersey swatches. Noice.

Thanks for the love, 2x3. Go Reds.


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    1. Yeah, I've always loved the canvas-style DKs. Hopefully they can be licensed someday soon.