Monday, May 25, 2015

Bengals Week - Day 1

I kinda collected football cards as a kid. They just sort of appeared in my mammoth card pile. Tons of ProSet, obviously. I've purged myself of almost all of them, save for a few player collections I just couldn't part with. How about five days worth of every football card I own, whatchasay?
Day 1: Anthony Munoz

Still the only Bengal in the Football Hall of Fame. Munoz is among the greatest o-linemen of all time. As a former lineman myself, and being from southern Ohio, how could I not love him?. Two stories tying me to Munoz:

First, I was at a tailor getting fitted for a tux and there was only one other customer in the shop: Mr. Munoz. So I spent about an hour shootin the shit with Anthony (yeah, we're totally on a first name basis) while we tried on suits. It made me feel like big time stuff, even though he was buying a few multiple-thousand dollar suits and I was merely getting fitted for a rental.

Second, in high school, his son Michael (who would eventually captain the Tennessee Volunteers) beat me in the shot put at the state track and field meet in Ohio. So did almost everyone else there, but the younger Munoz was among them. But hey, I was good enough to be invited. Adjacent to greatness, baby!

Who Dey.

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