Friday, May 1, 2015

Completely Red: 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition

Prospecting. Woo! Let's see how well the Reds' farm system was doing in the star-power department seven years ago, eh?

Brandon Waring - Got to A ball with Cincy, then AAA ball with Baltimore, then spent 2014 in AA ball with Minnesota. 2015 whereabouts unknown.

Chris Valaika - 99 major league games with Cincy, Miami, and Chicago. Currently with the Cubs' AAA team.

Juan Carlos Sulbaran - Got to AA ball with Cincy, then AA ball with KC, where he is currently playing.

Neftali Soto - 34 major league games with Cincy. Shipped off to the White Sox where he is currently with their AAA team.

Tyler Cline - Three years with the Reds' Rookie League team. Out of baseball in 2010.

Zachary Stewart - 33 major league games pitched, including 14 starts, for Toronto, Chicago, and Boston. Currently with the Angels' AAA team.


Cards - 6

Major Leaguers - 3

Still With Cincy - 0


 12 Brandon Waring   
 20 Chris Valaika   
 60 Juan Carlos Sulbaran   
 77 Neftali Soto   
 93 Tyler Cline   
 99 Zachary Stewart   

Go Reds.

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